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Oct 24 – Sundan’s latest uprising: Prospect for Peace and Stabilization

Oct 06 – Saving Lake Chad – À la rescousse du lac Tchad

Aug 15 – Webinar on Gender-based Violence and the Consent Issue in Africa and the Diaspora



Dec 12 – Pourquoi les pays africains ne profitent -ils pas davantage du secteur extractif?   Daniel Dumas  (Paradoxum Consulting)

Dec 02 – . Panel sur la gouvernance universitaire

Oct 30 – Changements en Algérie? – Isabelle Roy Ambassadrice du Canada à Alger (2015-2017)

Oct 03 – Les multiples crises au Cameroun – Maxime Jong (Orin Consulting Group)

Oct 03 – Cameroon Unravels: Root and Proximate Causes of Cascading Crises – Chris Roberts (U of Calgary)

June 6 – Canada and Mali – MINUSMA and after – Report of the Standing Committee on National Defence

May 14 – The South African Elections of May 8

May 01 – Panel on Trade in Africa

April 09 – FinDev Canada

Jan 30 – Global Compact on Refugees and Canadian leadership


Nov 15 – Supporting African Innovation Stories and Lessons Learned – David Brook, Grand Challenges Canada

Oct 10 – Canada’s engagement with sub-Saharan Africa

May 30 – New Canada-Africa Trade Relations – Andrew Caddell

Apr 25 – Canada’s Contribution to MINUSMA (Mali)

March 28 – Responsible Sourcing and the Artisanal Mining Sector

Feb 28 – Ethiopia River Nile Dam

Jan 23 – From Security Issues in the Sahel to the Dynamics of Armed Groups in Mali

Jan 23 – De la sécurité au Sahel à la dynamique des groupes armés touaregs au Mali


Nov 15  RNP Presentation-Assessing Legacy of EJS

Oct 25  ASG Panel on Canada’s Feminist Aid Policy

May 29 ASG summary “Policy Coherance”

May 29 Canadian International Development Platform-powerpoint

Apr 26 ASG meeting: “Business in Africa and Nollywood”

Mar 1   ASG meeting: “Canada and Africa: What Next?

Jan 25 GRA Rapport – <<L’evolution des stratégies de développement de la finance inclusive de DID>>

Jan 25  Présentation GRAVP- Ottawa


Dec 14 GRA Rapport – <<Lumières d’Afrique>>

Nov 30 ASG Meeting: “Gender and Artisanal and Small Scale Mining”

Oct 26 ASG meeting: “Food Security and Nutrition – Progress and challenges in Africa” 2016

Sept 28 – ASG meeting “What is the role for Canada in the Fragile States of Africa”

June 29 ASG Co-sponsored Meeting – D’Alessandro interview

May 26 ASG Meeting: “Sexual and Gender Based Violence  Prevention and Treatment in SSA”

April 27 ASG Meeting “Mercy Ships and the Red Cross”

March 30 ASG Meeting notes: “Youth Employment in Africa”

Jan 28 – ASG meeting: “The African Union Today: Policy Options for Canada”


Nov 25 – ASG meeting minutes : “Sacrificing Democracy for Security ? The Dangers of Securitizing Development in Africa”

Oct 28 – ASG Summary of Meeting: “Up for Grabs: Land Rights vs. Market Forces in Africa”

Sept 23 – ASG Meeting minutes: Students’ views of Ghana’s economic and democratic development

May 27 Summary of Meeting  with Hussein Mar, SPLM/A in Opposition: one vision on the current conflict and humanitarian distress

May 20 Forum of Federation: Power Point Presentation

May 20 Summary of Meeting: Is Federalism a solution for nation-building in Africa?

Apr 29 ASG Summary of Meeting : Canadian Private Sector Working in Africa

Apr 1 meeting on Decentralization and FCM

Mar 25 Summary of the meeting with NDP MPs Paul Dewar and Hélène Laverdière

Feb 25 Summary of ASG meeting – Food Security-CHF

Jan 28 Summary of the meeting  on Boko Haram and Nigeria

Jan 22  Summary of  the meeting with Marc Garneau, LPC and ASG


Nov 26 ASG meeting South Sudan

Oct 29 Summary of joint ASG MESG meeting: The Islamic Caliphate, from Cameroon to Pakistan

Oct 16 Africa Study Group – Record of Joint ASG – ACF meeting: Is Africa Rising for Everyone?

Sep 24   Africa Study Group Minutes Meeting

Jun 20 Visite du Commissaire de l’UEMOA

Jun 06 ASG article meeting with Kenyan delegation

May 28 Les droits humains en Afrique

Apr 23 La sécurité alimentaire

Mar 26 Le financement du développement

Feb 26 Analyse sur la fragilité des états africains et le rôle de l’ONU

Feb 06 – Conférence sur la nouvelle Afrique avec Dominic Barton, Charles Sirois et Yagadeseen (Teddy) Samy


Nov 27 ASG Record of Meeting – Tostan’s work

Oct 16 ASG Record of Meeting  – Zimbabwe Elections

Sep 25 – ASG Record of Meeting September 25 – Centre Parlementaire Canadien