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My name is Patricia Kumbakisaka, and I am a proud Canadian-Congolese-Romanian. How often do you see Romanians with last names such as ‘Kumbakisaka’? You are probably used to see last names like ‘Florescu’ or ‘Stefanescu’.

People call me the ‘citizen of the world’, ‘global citizen’ or the ‘United Nations’. When you first hear me speak, you cannot tell where I am from. I have what people call an exotic or unknown accent. That is because I am fluent in five international languages: Belgian-French, English, Greek, Swahili and Romanian. A very bizarre combination of languages to know, don’t you think?

Born in Romania, Bucharest, I lived there for the first three years of my life, after which my family lived in Athens, Greece for seven years. Greece was where I did most of my elementary school years. My family originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in central Africa and we moved around a lot because my parents were working with diplomats. I’ve never been to DRC but I hope to visit one day.  Link to the full article




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