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A Panel and Discussion with Joanne Lebert, Zuzia Danielski and Victoria Reichel of Impact ( formerly Partnership Africa-Canada) 

WHEN: Wednesday, March 28, 5:30PM to 7:30PM

WHERE: Richmond Room, Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier West


Joanne Lebert, Executive Director

Joanne is a policy advisor, frequent guest speaker, and trainer to policymakers, private sector representatives, and civil society organizations. Previously, Joanne was based at the University of Ottawa’s Human Rights Research and Education Centre. She focused on gender-based violence in conflict settings in Africa and how it is impacted by the extractives industry. She was also Deputy Director of the Canadian non-profit, Peacebuild, where she worked to strengthen Canadian foreign policy options and practice. She carried out anthropological fieldwork for her doctoral studies in Namibia and Angola and was a Visiting Fellow in Refugee Studies at the University of Oxford. She has lectured at Carleton University and worked for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, Amnesty International, and CARE International in Zambia.

Zuzia Danielski, Communications Director

Zuzia is a multimedia storyteller with significant experience in supporting human rights organizations and campaigns to communicate effectively. Zuzia previously worked with the Nobel Women’s Initiative, the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict, and advised numerous Canadian social justice groups in a communications capacity. She began her career in newsrooms, reporting out of the Warsaw bureau of The Associated Press and at National Geographic Poland. Zuzia holds a Master’s degree in Conflict, Security and Development from King’s College London where her research focused on sexual violence in conflict.

Victoria Reichel, Project Coordinator

Victoria is an economist and supply chain specialist with a multidisciplinary background. Before joining IMPACT in 2015, she worked with Fairtrade Canada on developing traceable and ethical supply chains in the coffee and non-food sector. She also has experience working at numerous research centres in France where her work focused on participatory practices in environmental conflict situations across a variety of sectors, including land use, water management, and mining. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris and a Master’s degree in Environmental Knowledge Mediation from the University of Versailles.