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Nina is working at Global Affairs Canada and is responsible for Grand Challenges Canada. The video is in French, but here is a transcript in English:

My name is Emefa Nina Womitso-Mawulawoe, and I work in the Social Development Partnerships Office, GAC.

I have two master’s degrees-one in international administration and the other in social sciences and humanities. I have worked in Ouagadougou,
Burkina Faso. I believe in the work and mandate of Global Affairs Canada, and I saw the tangible results of our activities in the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable
people when I was on the ground. The bold ideas that Grand Challenges Canada supports embrace scientific, technological, social and commercial innovation-integrated innovation. Grand Challenges Canada has supported more than 800 innovations in more than 80 countries and believes that these innovations have the potential to save up to a million lives and improve up to 28 million lives by 2030. We see that despite the incredible progress made, every year more than 6 million children still die before the age of 5. These deaths could be avoided through prevention, treatment, education, immunization campaigns and medical care for
sexuality and reproductive health.
Sustainable Development Goal Number 2, Zero Hunger. It is hard to believe that in the 21st century people still die from hunger. It’s morally unacceptable and economically inefficient. Each action taken, collectively or individually, counts, and together we can make the difference and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development nationally and around the world.