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You probably are aware that I have agreed to replace Louise Ouimet as Chair of the Africa Study Group. Fortunately, she has agreed to stay on as a member of the Steering Group. In addition to the change to the chairmanship, the Steering Group is undergoing additional significant changes: Ian Ferguson and Aubrey Morantz have left it after having contributed tremendously for nine (9) years; we thank them very much and will be pleased to continue to see them at our regular meetings starting in September. New people joined us: the other Steering Group members are Gwen Temmel (Secretary), François Arsenault, Tapha Kasse, Valérie Assoi, Marcia Burdette, Bahibi Malk and Victoria Schorr. We all owe a big thank you to Louise for her work as Chair over the last three years.

The Steering Group has responded on behalf of the ASG to the new government’s consultation on international assistance. The submission is attached, and also now on our website. The consultation period lasts until the end of this month. We understand that the Government plans to come back fairly quickly with its new policy. We will follow developments with interest. This could be the subject of one of next winter’s ASG sessions. In any event, we will come back to you over the summer with our plans for the early part of our 2016-17 programming.
Bruce Montador
Chair, Africa Study Group/Président, Groupe de refléxion sur l’Afrique
Professionnel en résidence honoraire, ESAPI/Honorary Senior Fellow GSPIA

ASG Comments on Intl Assistance Discussion Document July10